We started this company in 2007, as My Personal Gardener. We specialized in “landscape maintenance”. Our motto was “Let Me Adopt Your Yard”. We geared our company toward the suburban professional, or retiree, who loves a nice yard, but who simply does not have the time and/or the expertise to maintain a nice yard. Our company could provide for all of their landscaping needs from early spring to late fall. Put your yard in our hands, and we’d do it all for you.  That was our commitment.

Several years later, we are older, wiser--and larger. BUT OUR COMMITMENT IS STILL THE SAME. We are simply much better equipped to carry out that commitment now. And, we can do it much more comprehensively. Please see our Services page, and you'll note that if you want it done, we can do it!  From year-long maintenance, to specific landscape design and construction project; from pond, to irrigation system; from retaining wall, to meandering walkway; from landscape lighting, to holiday lighting. We can, and will, bring beauty, order, and resolution to your outdoor surroundings, and peace of mind to you.  

We love to look back upon what we did, and feel good. Let us. Call and schedule an appointment for a visit by our staff.  We will go from there, using the latest landscape design technology to create a plan for you. 


BBB Accredited Business since 11/19/2009




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If you have any question or requests please send us an e-mail to mpgsales@mpglandscapes.com

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