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MulchMPG, like all other landscape companies, provides this service. However, we mulch with a difference (with an eye for quality and year round curb appeal). Our crew will weed, and remove all debris in your landscape beds, as well as look for any inhabitants that might be setting up residence. If needed, and the outside temperatures are favorable, we will spray a post emergent chemical to assist in killing the established weeds. (NOTE: some noxious weeds may need additional treatments).

After this clean-up, and before mulching, we apply a pre-emergent to the landscape beds that weather permitting, inhibits weed growth for up to fifty days. All debris is then removed offsite. We can then apply mulch from the standard most popular (double processed dyed black) to cedar, pine fines, decorative gravel, as well as non colored (or other colored) hardwood mulch. All mulch is purchased from local state inspected vendors

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